Wednesday September 4, 2019 - A section of Kibra constituency residents have told Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) to prepare for a loss in the upcoming Kibra by-elections like it happened in Ugenya and Embakasi South constituencies.

Reacting to ODM’s Director of Communications, Philip Etale’s sentiments, on Wednesday morning, the residents warned the Orange Party to stop exhibiting extra confidence in winning the seat.

The Embakasi and Ugenya defeat came despite spirited campaigns by party leader Raila Odinga in the two constituencies asking voters not to embarrass him by voting for another party’s candidate.

With this in mind, the Kibra electorate warned the ODM party against overconfidence noting that they risked repeating the same mistakes that led to its defeats.

Here are some comments from Twitter:

That is what you said in Ugenya, Embakasi, etc. False hopes. Hustler na Mariga watawatandika asubuhi, peupe! Hasa sisi hatuna maleba hata mkiongea ni kaa mna kichaa.,”’John Omondi wrote,

Omwami, we mark this tweet ama? What I know is that, it all depends on your nominations. Kenyans are more clever now,” said Manu Sam

“”You cannot be certain on winning, not unless you are a prophet or you're planning on rigging,” Paul Njuguna a resident of Gatuikira in Kibra said.

Voters from kibera are wise and we will not be forced with odm to vote for someone, this are not old days, and let me assure you that odm will not win the election,” Fred Angote.

Specialists in failure. @MarigaOfficial is the man to beat in the Kibra by election. @WilliamsRuto anawakamatia chini,” Siboi Angana said.


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