Enchanting spells are some of the most effective love spells. As the name says, these spells are meant to make a person attracted to you which hopefully would translate into love. If you have recently developed a crush on somebody and trying every means to get his attention- this spell would be great to divert his attention towards you. Lucky are those who have their partners as passionately attracted to them as they are to them. But then, not all are blessed with such a marvelous fortune. However, that doesn’t mean that your love won’t find its way. It will certainly and the love enchanting spells are always there to support you in your romantic endeavors.

There is a wide range of enchanting love spells to choose from. Most of them are really easy and would need just the basic knowledge of Wicca. Have you practiced any spell before? Ohh that’s great because it is always more convenient to cast the love enchantment spell if you are aware of the basic practice beforehand. However, those who haven’t tried any spell before they too have no problem in casting these spells. In fact, the love enchantment spells could be your first brush with the magic world.

One of the most common enchantment spell is performed by blood, dagger and candle. Don’t worry, it would just need little bit of blood. Other than blood, you would need white candle, black candle & dagger. Start by placing your candles adjacent to one another. There must a space of 50 cm in between. Use the dagger to cut your hand & write down your crush’s name with your blood near your candles. Then, drop some blood near black. Don’t do it near white as it will bring a negative consequence. After you do that, start the chant. You will utter the chant 7 times.

The ritual is done. But then, you have to maintain some precautions to make it a success. You cannot see your crush within the next 7 days as otherwise the spell just won’t work. On the other hand, it should be mentioned that the spell is not meant to make one fall for you. It’s work is to make the person deeply attracted to you. After the person gets attached to you, then you have to use your own charisma and goodness to depend the bond and help love to happen.

One fun thing about the spell is that it can bring you a negative consequence- as mentioned earlier. This means if you are being chased by a person and you don’t want that, you can very well use this spell toward him off. The only thing you would need to do here is to pour your blood before white candle and chant the spell 7 times. After that follow the same precaution, i.e. don’t see that person within 7 days.

However, this is to mention here that love enchantment spells might look easy but they won’t lead to any positive result if your ritual lacks focus and belief.

Love Sexual Spells

Are you having problems in your love life? Do you think your lover is not attracted to you anymore? Are you too not that intimate anymore? A healthy sex life is really important for a fulfilling relationship. Also, sexual needs are one of our basic needs and if they are not met properly, you won’t be able to enjoy your life properly. Lots of people shell out bucks in pricey plastic surgeries and sexual enhancement pills. But why bother so much when you can enjoy the same pleasure with a few powerful love sexual spells.

Love sexual spells are especially meant to enhance your sex life that will inevitably improve your love life. These spells are easy to cast and you will be able to cast them even if you have never cast a spell before.

One of these spells is enhance sexual desire spells. It’s a fantastic spell to re-live the sexual urge in your partner for you. To do the spell, you would need- crystal ball, photo of your partner, vanilla/rose incense and red candle. If you can’t get crystal ball, a magnifying glass would also do. Regarding the photograph, don’t just open the photo on your phone. You have to get a proper hardpaper photograph. After you have gathered all the ingredients, sit down in a quiet room are try to calm your mind. Try to focus and then start chanting the spell. The chant would be a request to the Gods & Goddesses to open up the sexual desire in your partner so that s/he starts feeling a strong urge for you. If the spell is successful, the person will start feeling your body heat and your sweet warmth. After you chant the spell, burn the photograph with the flame from the red candle.

Then there is another love sexual spell that you do with candles and Apple Blossom Oil. To do the spell, you would need red candle, pink candle, parchment paper, red ink pen and envelope and of course the Apple Blossom Oil. First you will anoint your candles with oil. 

Now light them up. The pink one would be at your left while the red one would be at your right. Now, just sit at the center in between the candles. Concentrate on your desire (lust in your case) as you see the flames burning. Then, you will chant the spell. It will be like a prayer to make the person lust for you. Chant the spell 5 times. Then, blow off your candles. After that, write down the name of your lover or spouse with the red ink on parchment paper. 

You would also need to jot down your desire on the paper. Then, pour red candle’s wax on the person’s name & the pink one’s on your desire. As the wax gets dry, fold the paper & put it inside an envelope. Seal it up properly. You would have to carry the envelope everyday till the person approaches you. After you have your sweet times, discard the envelope.
This is to mention here that love sexual spells demand extreme concentration and focus. Also, you need to have a strong belief in them to make them come true for you.

Love Marriage Spells

Are you deeply in love with someone and yearning to tie the knot soon? That’s great! But then, not always our partners feel the same way. It could be that you are eager to take the vows and your partner thinks its too early even after 3 years of dating. At times people get indecisive out of worries and are unable to commit. But who has seen life? If both of you love each other and have known one another for a certain point of time and have plans for marriage, then it would be good to take the plunge. If your partner is worried, there are love marriage spells to make that person want to marry you in no time. These spells would also make you indispensable for that person and thereby strengthen your bond.

One of the most common love marriage spells is the one you do under the moon. A favorite of the poets, moon carries a beautiful romantic aura and hence would be great to create the love magic. To do the spell, you would need- silver ring, little white dish, white rose, dried yarrow, lemon verbena and damiana. And of course, you have to cast the spell on a moonlight night, especially during full moon. Don’t do it on overcast night. Most importantly, you must keep the ring and herbs together on the dish a night ahead of the spell.

Next day, after you have gathered everything, go somewhere from where you can have a clear view of the moon. You can perform the ritual either inside or outside your room. If you are doing it outside, make sure there is nobody around. Now, stand with your face to the moon. Hold the ring up in such a way that you are able to see the moon through the center of the ring. Then, chant the spell. It’s like prayer to the moon where you seek the desired strong bond with your partner- so strong that he/she yearns to marry you. Then, take the rose & cover the moon’s face with it. Repeat the chant again. Next, drop your ring to the rose stem & make it sit at the very base. Now, keep the entire thing amidst your herbs & chant your spell once more.

Leave things just like that in a safe place till the other full moon comes. You will start seeing results after that.

However, this is to mention here that it’s better not to try love marriage spells on stranger. For example- you just had a crush on a cute guy in the train but you don’t know each other. In such situations, it’s better not to try the spell on him. Marriage is a serious business and we should not take the decision or choose our life partner by impulse. If you really like the cute guy, try to bond with him next day, see how far the relationship goes- and if it takes a meaningful term then only you can try the spell on him.

Love Jealousy Spells

Is it fair to be jealous in love? If your partner is blessed with certain talents and you are not, then it’s certainly not fair. But if your boyfriend recklessly flirts with other girls despite being in a so-called committed relationship with you- then, it’s natural to feel jealous. Also, it pains when you see someone snatching away your love especially when you are trying hard to maintain the relationship. Now, such people should be taught a lesson. There are love jealously spells that are meant to punish those who do not care for your feelings and cause you unnecessary pain. It could be your hard-hearted insensible partner or a vicious 3rd person who is trying to take your love away from you.

One of the common love jealousy spells is the one that helps you to break up a couple. But you should not try this spell if the couple is actually in love with each other. There is nothing more unethical in destroying true love. The spell is only advised for couples who have got into a relationship by conning an ex-lover or by causing severe heartache to a truly loving soul. To do the spell, you would need black candle and matches. You have to cast the spell on a Saturday night.

Start your ritual by lighting up the black candle on Saturday night. Make sure no one is near you while performing the ritual. Then, you will chant the spell with utmost concentration and focus. It is like a prayer to the Gods and spirits of the Universe to break the pair. You will chant the spell aloud 3 times.

Love jealousy spells are used to get rid of the evil pangs of jealousy. At times, we unnecessarily start to doubt our partners when we see them with other people of opposite sex. It could be that they are just good friends and neither your lover nor his/her friend has any intention to break your relations. Doubts and unnecessary worries arising out of petty jealousies have ruined a number of budding relationships and you should make sure to remove such vices from your mind as soon as possible.

One such spell is the one that you do with paper, pencil and water. Like the previous spell, this one too should be performed alone. You can do it inside your room. So, go to your room and sit down. You can perform it while standing as well. Then, write down those unhappy memories that got you the unwanted pangs of jealousy. Then, burn that paper with a matchstick or lighter. As you burn the paper, start chanting spell. It would be like a plea to remove these memories from your head so that you can move on with a positive attitude towards your relationship. After you chant the spell, say “thank you” aloud. Then, pour the entire thing (burnt paper or ashes) in water.

You must have full faith in your chant and the ritual while performing the magic as otherwise the spell will never come to effect.

Misfortune Spells

Do you have somebody causing trouble in your life? Like real trouble. Do you want to teach him a lesson? You should rather because nobody has the right to cause harm in your life for his own sweet will. Now, it would be too loud to rush and hit him all of a sudden. What about passing him a streak of misfortune? That’s classy and would do good to teach him the right lesson. It’s to stress here that when he had the audacity to cause harm in someone’s life then he should have this patience to tolerate any negative effect arising from it. We all have heard the mantra –as we sow, so we reap.

There are misfortune spells to help you here. These spells, as the name says, would enable you to unleash bad spell to someone’s life. You can cast the spell in your own room but make sure there is no one around. And you have to cast the spell in dark.

One of the most popular misfortune spells is bad luck charm. To do the spell, you would need a charm, want & 3 strands of hair of the target. First, place your charm on your floor. Then, switch off the lights & hold your wand above the charm. Then, cast your spell 5 times. The chant would be something like a prayer to the demons to seek revenge on the charm. You would also request the demons to ensure that whoever will wear the charm would be drowned in severe despair. You should know the full name of the target as you would have to take the name of the person while uttering the chant. After that, you will touch your charm and you are done. It’s this simple. You would have to give the charm to the target person and you must make sure that he/she actually wears it as otherwise there is no use of the spell.

It must be mentioned here that misfortune spells are also used to shoo away bad luck. It could be that you or your near one is suffering from some bad luck at the moment. In that case, you can use misfortune spells to negate the bad lick and bring good lick to his life.
One of the easiest misfortune spells to cut a bad luck is a one with twigs. You would just need 7 twigs to do the spell. Each twig would stand for every day of week.

Ash- Monday
Beech- Tuesday
Elm- Wednesday
Oak- Thursday
Horsechestnut- Friday
Elder- Sunday

After you have gathered the twigs, take them to your home. You would need to snap each of them into fine pieces & then burn them down in a glaring bonfire. You can also perform the spell in your yard. Otherwise you can even burn them in hearth. Just make sure the area where you do it is clean and clear. You need a tidy place to perform your spell. As the twigs start burning, you will chant the spell requesting to the spirits to break your bad luck.

Wish spell

Do you have any special wish? It could be that you are looking forward to land up with your dream job? Or is it that you are dying to hear that “yes” from that special someone? Well whatever it is, we don’t always get our wishes granted. And that’s sad. But do you know there are spells that can actually make your wish come true? Yes, it’s true, wish spells are some of the oldest of magic tradition and are exclusively programmed to fulfill the wishes. You have to make a wish & then cast a wish spell to bring your desires to life.
A wide range of wish spells are there to choose from. One of them is wish on the stars spell. Do you know celestial bodies like stars are extremely powerful in energy? There are many spells that try to derive positive energy from the star-power to fulfill the wants. This is one such spell. To do the spell, you would need- a starry night, pen/pencil and paper. Also, you must have strong faith in stellar power. You should perform this spell on a nice clear night when you can see all the stars properly.

First make sure to sit in a place from where you can see the stars properly. Then, write down the wish on a paper & fold it. If you are sitting inside your room, you have to carry the paper outside- say your backyard. Look up at the sky & the moment you see a star, concentrate strong on its luminosity and visualize the light reaching up to your paper. Now lift up the paper and hold it in such a way that is able to block out that star. Then, you will chant the spell. It’s something like when you bank on the stellar energy your wish will always come true. Repeat the chant 3 times. Now, lower bring down the paper & look at star again. Repeat the chant thrice again and while doing that, keep gazing at the star. Now, go back to your room & keep the paper right under the pillow. You will have your wish fulfilled just within a few nights.

Another one is wishing bundle smell. It will help you to fulfill a lot of wishes. To do the spell, you would need -1 large box, one silver candle, one silver ribbon & one item to represent the wishes. Gather everything & light up the silver candle. Then, concentrate on your desires. You have to have a very clear focus to make this spell come true. Then, one by one, place each one of the stuff inside the box. Now, utter the chant. You have to utter the name of each thing that you wish for. Then, close your box & tie it up properly with ribbon. Keep the entire bundle somewhere safe and never open or touch it till the wishes come true.
However, this is to mention here that wish spells will only work for realistic wishes. For example, if you want to fly up to the moon and come back in one night- then certainly no spell can do anything here.

Bad Luck Spell

Is it okay to wish bad luck for somebody? Certainly not. But then again everything depends on the situation. What if there is somebody who is causing you harm out of sheer jealousy and ill will? You cannot allow anybody to take you for granted. Nobody has this right to harm you just like that. And if anybody does that to you, you have every right to teach him or her a lesson. One of the best ways to punish such people are by wishing bad luck for them. There are bad luck spells to help you here.

Don’t worry, nobody will ever get to know that you are casting bad luck spells. You can cast the spell in your own home when you are alone. Just one thing- make sure to bring in your 100% concentration. The more your will power is, stronger would be the effect of the spell.
There is a bad luck spell that you will do with a dice. To do the spell, you would need- Dice (1 pair) and black pepper. You have to perform the ritual outside but in a quiet and safe place. Your backyard would be a good place to do the spell. So, as you reach your yard, dig a deep hole. Then, drop your dice inside the hole. The first one should face upward. Then, cover them up with pepper and as you do it start chanting the spell. The spell would be a plea where you would curse the target of running out of luck. Focus strong on the victim as you chant the spell & then fill up the remaining part of the hole with dirt. Next you will just stomp on it hard so that the surface looks plain. Make sure no one touches the place.

However, bad luck spells are not just to inflict bad luck on somebody. These spells are also used to shoo away bad luck from yourself or someone near. If you see that you are not being able to succeed in your life despite several attempts and tremendous hardwork - it could be that somebody has cast a bad luck spell on you. When you are cursed, you can sense the glitch- it’s like as if something or somebody is stopping you from the good things.
One of them is the one that you do with lots of herbs. To do the spell, you would need- African ginger, Angelica root, holy thistle, fennel seed, basil and clove. You would also need a little draw-string bag. First, you will put all the ingredients inside your bag. The proportion would be something like 2 pinches. After you have added all the ingredients, just place little citrine to your pouch. You have to do the magic on a full moon night. Make sure nobody sees you doing this. When everything is ready, consecrate & charge the pouch. The bag should be tied tightly. After it’s charged by moon energy, keep it safe somewhere near.

Good Luck Spells

While there is no alternative to hard work yet a bit of luck is also important while aiming for success in life. But everyone of us is not blessed with such good fortune. At times, you will see you are far away from your goals despite several attempts. Such situations are common when you are out of luck. Now, it’s true that luck is something pre-destined. We usually do not have control over luck. But it’s also true that you can actually have some control over luck with the help of magic. Yes, there are good luck spells that enable one to exercise some degree of influence on your “luck” quotient.

Good luck spells are many and varied. You can try them to bring some good luck in your life. Otherwise you can even cast them on some near or dear one when you see them in dire need of some good luck.

One of the popular good luck spells is the one you do with Earl grey tea bag. This particular tea carries bergamot which is said to attract money and lick in life. You will have to get an Earl grey tea bath to cast this spell. Other than the tea bag, you will need gold glitter and food coloring (green). First you will place the tea bag on the bathtub tap. Then, run a good flow of hot water. After that, add the food coloring & gold glitter to the water, one by one. When everything gets mixed with water properly, you will get down in the tub. You must immerse yourself complete in water (obviously with your head up). As you settle down, speak out loud about the good times you wish to see in your life. It could be something like- “all debts would be cleared” or “I am going to be a millionaire soon”.

There is another good luck spell which is performed with Frankincense and candles. You would need 3 candles here, either in gold or orange. Additionally, keep paper and pen handy. The spell should be cast during full moon or waxing moon night.

First you will draw a circle & light up the incense. Then, arrange the 3 candles in a triangle. Start your prayer. It would be a prayer to the Gods & Goddesses to gift you what you desire. You must mention what your desire. But before that, don’t forget to thank them for whatever goodness they have blessed you with. Then visualize your dream life. Feel the ecstasy in your heart & meditate on it. A symbol or image would come up in your mind. As you get the symbol, draw it instantly on paper. Place the paper in between the triangle. Start lighting the candles one by one. Pray to Fire god to ignite your dreams. Then, visualize your good luck again. After that just bury the paper in your lawn with a prayer to Earth God. You will see signs of good luck in your life within a few days.


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