List of love spells that work

If you have ever loved someone who never loved you back, then you know being loved back doesn’t come easily. When this happens, you will start feeling like the world is coming to an end. Rejection pain is very real. However, to help you get past this pain of rejection and ease your dating, here is a list of really cool love spells that will get you back into your moods.

In today’s world, everyone technically wants everything. Some people aspire to be famous; others are looking for luck while others are simply chasing their dream girlfriend/ boyfriend. Being loved back by your dream partner overnight is definitely impossible. Don’t suffer rejections, heartbreaks, and betrayals anymore. Here are some working powerful love spells that are proven to work.

Meaning of love spell

In literature and history, a spell is a provenance of witches that involves someone else that it is being cast to. You can cast one without necessarily being a witch; in fact, most of them don’t even use spells.

In other words, a spell is an intention that is made strong by beliefs and rituals. For instance, if one has a spell book, there some things he/she will be required to perform like throwing stones, planting a tree, writing something and so on. There are very many different types of spells where love is one of them. Some may be powerful when performed at night, during a full moon while others on special occasions like equinoxes and solstices.

Types of love spells

Here are the top ten spells that are guaranteed to make a binding between you and someone else with the same passion and feeling. The spells can be used for various situations like winning back your ex, crush, in a new relationship, marriage and so on. All you have to do is to choose one working love spell from the list


1. Drawing love towards yourself

If you don’t have a partner and wish to get one, this might be the right love spell for you. Here you won’t target anyone to fall in love with you. Instead, this charm will bring affection right on your way.

There are only two ingredients which will be needed here. They include cherries and chocolate milk. The chocolate milk serves as a substitute for bubble baths and bath bombs since they are not readily available. Follow the instructions below to cast the spell.

Add 2/3 cups of the chocolate milk to a tub full of water.
Find the cherries with a dark colour, pick 9 of them.
Put them into the bathtub.
Sit inside it and eat all of them one by one. While doing so, remember to imagine of the love that you need in your life.
Rinse your body thoroughly after the process.

This spell will be dominant if conducted around nine days to full moon or on the exact day when the full moon appears.

Cherries contain serotonin which boosts up your pleasure hormones. Chocolate milk contains elements which are good for your skin.

2. Make her/him fall in love with you

Are you looking for a quick way to make your ideal partner fall in love with you? Worry less; this is one of the love spells that work immediately. To make this spell work, your feelings towards the person in question must be positive and genuine. Follow the instructions below.


White clothes
A ring
A green leaf
Rose oil
Flower pot
Rose petals
7 seed kernels


Take a shower without using any soap.
While taking a shower, wash the back part of your head and your chin for seven times.
Dry yourself using a towel or anything else. Make sure you are dry before moving to the next step.
Remove any jewelry you might be wearing including bangles, rings, earrings and so on.
Wear white clothes from top to bottom. Even the ‘unseen’ fabrics should be in white.
Now, keep thinking about the person you want to fall in love with you until you finish casting the spell.
Stay away from any form of disturbances while trying to avoid negative thoughts.
Pluck out exactly seven strands from your hair. Be careful not to exceed the number.
Next, roll a green leaf around all the hairs.
Wrap the leaf with a thread. Leave some of the extra thread inside the blade on one side.
By use of any metallic or just a silver ring, tie seven knots on it to the leaf using the same thread left on one side. Don’t dare to use a gold ring as this spell will be nullified by it.
Put the rolled and tied leaf into a thin cloth bag or just a paper.
Add seven rose petals, an item touched by the person in question, his/her picture, and dirt or just some soil from their compound.
Place the paper into clay or flower pot and add soil. Continue adding till its soil height is about 3 inches.
Plant about seven seed kernels; add other seven rose oil droplets into the soil.
Place the pot strategically on the right side of any window in your house.
Now, water this once per day without skipping any single day. If you forget, you can always compensate that the next day. The goal here is to make sure the pot is watered seven times every week.
As the flowers in the pot grow, your love will also increase.

3. Longer relationship visit www.mugwenudoctors.com

Have you started a relationship with someone and you don’t want it to break up soon? Here is a love binding spell that will make sure that your soul mate won’t leave you so soon. This will make the bond existing between you and your love stronger. Follow the following magic steps.


Red candle
Strands of your hair
Strands of your partner’s hair
1 empty tin


Close your eyes. Be sure to avoid any disturbances or noises.
Focus all your energy and love to your soul mate, picture his/her image on your mind.
Put all the hairs into an empty tin.
Use the candle wax to bind them together.
Now, you have successfully cast the spell. Wait for around 24 hours before its effects start to set in.

4. Making a shy boyfriend/girlfriend say that he/she loves you overnight

Do you have a new partner who you are sure he/she loves you but is shy to say it to you? Don’t let your relationship end because the other person is so shy; use this overnight spell to make them courageous enough despite their self-conscious nature.


1 office pin
Few drops of rose oil
A red coloured ribbon


Cut the avocado into two equal pieces. Be careful not to let the seed fall down.
Divide the seed into two parts.
Using the office pin, draw a heart on the inside of each avocado seed.
Inside each of the hearts, you have drawn put your partner’s together with yours.
Add a few drops of rose oil into both hearts.
Put the two halves together as they were and tie them with the red ribbon.
Keep this inside your briefcase. Make sure that no one can see it or touch it.
Now, this will induce a lot of confidence into your partner. He/she will declare his/her love for you.

5. True love visit www.mugwenudoctors.com

If you need your partner to give you what we refer to as true love, then this is the right love spell for you. Formerly from Africa, it is commonly known as Santeria love spell. Follow the steps below:


A pink candle
Dill and star anise
Lavender oil
Goat’s milk


Light the pink candle while setting up all your thoughts and energy to the person you want true love from.
Set up a bath.
Hold the pink candle with your right hand while chanting the following phrase, “Elegba, Elegba, utmo lou bomko sat, besta le meto, ke lo bu.”
After that, sprinkle some of the dill and star anise into the bath water. Add some lavender oil to it too.
Now, put the red candle down and enter your bathtub.
Be sure to submerge completely inside the water while washing your chest, face, and arms.
Hold the red candle using your hands. This round not by your right, but both hands. Chant the following phrase, “Yamata yameo samsuri belato, Elegba mustami ke lo bu.”
Now, speak all your desires and wishes of finding or getting true love.
Rub your face, chest, and arms with salt after the prayer.
Rinse yourself with goat’s milk which is commonly available.
Dip yourself into the water again and repeat this phrase for exactly three times, “Elegba besta ke lo bu.”
Come out and dry yourself while thanking Elegba.
Now, you have successfully cast this spell, just wait for the results in a couple days.

6. Finding your perfect match visit www.mugwenudoctors.com

Are you looking for a love spells that works immediately? Look no more; here is how you can cast a love spell using just words to give you a perfect match in less than a day.


A bottle of vanilla extract
White paper
2 rose thorns
3 candles


Buy a clean and new bottle of vanilla extract. Note that it must be new.
Open the bottle’s lid.
On the white piece of paper you have, write down your full names down.
Put the two rose thorns on the place where you have written your name.
Now, light all the three candles and arrange them such that they are surrounding your bottle.
Next, focus all your thoughts on finding a perfect match overnight. While doing so chant the following words in any language, “Red like Blood, let the relationship am going to have get life, let it come soon, give me a love that is going to last just like my surname, give it to me with the right person.”
After the prayer, sprinkle a little vanilla extract to your bedroom walls such that it makes a complete rectangle or square.
Tightly cap the bottle and keep it under the mattress you will be sleeping on.
After a successful cast, you will find your perfect match almost immediately. If it exceeds 24 hours, just know there is something you messed up with.

7. Marriage love spell visit www.mugwenudoctors.com

If you are married and having trouble or you are just in a relationship, this is the right love spell using just words that will restore your original happiness. Follow the magic steps below:


Green ribbon
Focus to all your thoughts and intention while avoiding disturbances and noise.
Repeat the following phrase in front of a tree for 62 times, “Himbaj Pedum Bonak Himbaj.”
Next, take the green ribbon and carefully tie it around the specific tree.
Finally, pour a little water on that tree.
This spell gives out results immediately. However, its major downfall is that it is short-termed. To keep the effect, repeat this procedure at most once per day.

8. Finding a soul mate love spell

Finding the right twin to your soul is tiresome, however, with this spell that’s not the case. Use the procedure below to cast it.


Ginger oil
Pink candle
Peacock feather
A mirror


Rub the ginger oil on the pink candle and then draw a relatively medium circle.
Place the pink candle at the center of the circle.
Take the peacock feather. Hold it against your heart.
Look into the mirror and utter the following words, “My heart has wings, My soul, it soars, My heart it sings, Close to home, Or on distant shores, My true love finds me, Wherever I roam.”
Use the feather to brush your body from head to toe. This cleanses your energy.
Next, you have to hold the peacock feather over the candle so that it can burn out to ashes.
Here, the feather is essential in indicating the capability of the soul in flying to different places. Its center signifies the Third Eye.

9. Increasing passion love spell

Are you currently feeling like your relationship is boring? Here is a spell that can be performed by the two of you to increase intimacy and passion into your love life.


Patchouli incense


Each one should get some little blood from the finger. Once blood starts to come out, let a drop from each one’s finger fall onto the patchouli incense.
Next, light it so that it can burn to produce smoke.
Take your apple and pass it through the incense smoke for exactly two times as you utter the following words, “Blood of (your name) Blood of (his/her name) United as one.”
Pass the apple again through the smoke for exactly two times.
Cut it into two equal parts and throw it on top of the incense.
That is it; you can also use the spell to enticing an existing or a completely new lover.

10. A sorry love spell

When your loved one doesn't accept your apologies, use this spell to soften their hearts. It can also be used to end a particular hot argument with your soul mate.
A small piece of cello tape
Your partner’s picture


Draw a love sign over the picture of your loved one.
Take the piece of cello tape and place it where his/her mouth is.
Say the following words, “You may curse me with your words, but my kiss means more, Open your mind and shut your mouth, Angry words no more!”
Consequences of love spells
The outlined below are some of the consequences of love spell in Kenya:
Keeps you away from your right soul mate. You may have the perception that someone else is the right person for you but in reality, he/she is not. Maybe the right one is around the corner, do you even know what’s best for you? If you conduct a love spell on someone else, you might be closing the doors of ever meeting your intended partner.
It can lead to stalking. You can be trying these spells for fun, and it suddenly gives out its respective results. An attachment that is difficult to break forms quickly. How will you break the attachment?
It can affect you or others unexpectedly. If you skip any step or do them poorly, love spells can be catastrophic to you or your partner. Similarly to other forms of magic, there is nothing to scoff at.
It infringes free will. When you cast a spell to someone, you are taking away his/her freedom to choose what he/she wants. One of the rights that everyone in Kenya has is their free willpower. So, taking away this is not only unethical but also criminal.
How to curtail the negative effects of love spells
Do not cast it while you are unwell or sick because your energy will be imbalanced.
Do not cast a spell when angry, frantic, annoyed, frustrated, and so on. This is because there is a possibility of you changing your thoughts later, you don’t have all the facts at that instance, and your energy is weak due to frothiness.
Do not attempt to cast any spell when intoxicated by either alcohol, tobacco, bang, and so on.
Avoid distractions when casting spells. You should have a full concentration to what you are doing.
You can include a safety clause inside your spell in case things go the other way round.
Use spell-casters to reduce errors.
How to break a love spell on someone else

The outlined below are some methodologies you can use to break a love spell on someone else.

1. Counter-spell method

This is by far the simplest method of reversing a spell. Here you will gather all the materials you used to cast it. By proxy, you will reverse the spell to break it. It is simple – just perform the spell in reverse form.

2. Leave your region

Relocating away from the spell could break out a spell. You must do so by traveling over water to a different country. This is because water is popularly known to be a powerful spell breaker.

3. Contact a love spell caster +254740637248

Love spell casters in Kenya can also assist in breaking a love spell at a fee.

4. Having a strong mentality

After all, it is your free will against another and staying positively minded might help. Focus on who you are from the inside (you can defeat anything by yourself by tapping your inner defenses). While staying focused, refuse the feeling of being controlled emotionally. Lastly, refuse to believe that the spell can really work.

5. Native African way visit www.mugwenudoctors.com

This method was used in the olden days by Africans to find a separation spell outside their villages. It is best suited for those who are in a relationship with ex-husband/wife or ex-boyfriend/girlfriend and want to break that bond brought about by a spell.


Suits made from timber
Black candle
Natural chicken legs
Clean needle
A parchment document


Light the black candle.
Use the chicken legs to pull out the title of the man/woman you are breaking up with to the parchment document.
Now, pull the second title name to the same place.
Make exactly 7 drops of candle wax to fall on the document.
Use the needle to get some little blood from your skin. Let exactly three drops of your blood to fall around the document.
Now, develop a maximum power against the spell and put off the candle while saying the following phrase, “yaligumoshen satali.”
Put the chicken legs into the document and wrap them using cotton wool.
Bury the materials underground.
Now, repeat this procedure for 40 days. Your partner will start hating you and at long last dump you. Only use this method if all the previous ones fail.
Symptoms that you are under a love spell
Here are some signs that can indicate that someone has cast a love spell on you.
You behave differently from your normal behavior like you start thinking and talking about someone you have never loved.
Over anxiety and nervousness such that you can’t live without seeing the person who cast a spell to you.
You won’t care about anything else except him/her, and you may even end up losing your job.
Sudden severe insomnia such that you cannot sleep at night while you usually sleep deeply on regular days.
Nightmares which necessarily don’t have to be about the person you have feelings for.
You can’t do anything about the feeling even if you want to.
You don’t love your hobbies anymore.
Depression and heart pains could also indicate you are under a spell.
You lose the interest in having your family close, and you no longer feel warm when with them.
Now you have a list of love spells that work. Go ahead and cast a love spell today and get back your loved one. Good luck!

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