Monday September 23, 2019 - The author and custodian of murdered Dutchman, Tob Cohen’s will, has affirmed that the document reflects his thoughts and wish contrary to perceptions from his estranged widow, Sarah Wairimu, that the will had been doctored to exclude her.
The late Tob Cohen's sister and brother
In an interview with the media, veteran lawyer, Chege Kirundi, said that he has nothing to hide as far as the will of the slain businessman is concerned.

While releasing the will to the family, Kirundi said that the claim by Sarah Wairimu that the will had been altered in favor of Tob’s relatives is not true.

“I released the will to Cohen’s brother and his sister to see his wishes.”

“Whatever they will do with it is up to them,” Mr Kirundi stated.

He also said that the content of the will be made public once he receives a nod from the court.

He further said that the contents of the will were kept a top secret.

“I opened the will in my chambers and read it to Bernard Cohen, his brother and Sister Gabrielle as the law requires,” he said.


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  1. The will has been doctored and the mastermind of Cohen's murder is his own sister to inherit everything hence she has fleed kenya having implicated Sarah with the knowledge of the devorce proceedings