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Monday September 9, 2019 - Deputy President William Ruto has said members of the Kikuyu community are not strangers in Rift Valley and they are free to own businesses and properties across the country.

Speaking at Yamumbi in Eldoret during the burial of businessman Joseph Karubio on Saturday, Ruto told Kikuyus not to consider themselves outsiders in the region saying they also have the right to participate in business and leadership regardless of their ethnicity.

The DP said the ruling Jubilee Party has worked hard to bring all Kenyans together and told area residents to reject divisions brought about by politics.

“We are all one.”

“We have to do business together and we also have to participate in the leadership of this region,” he said.

Ruto spoke amidst a viral video clip where a lady from the Kalenjin community threatened members of the Kiluyu community living in Molo, Nakuru County.

The lady who is yet to be arrested by police said if the Government evicts Kalenjins from Mau Forest, they will also evict Kikuyus who they sold land to before settling in Mau.

“If the Government evicts us from Mau Forest, we will also evict Kikuyus from Molo,” the lady said.


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  1. Good stand DP, now act on those loudmouths who are speaking hate. We saw where that took Kenya to during PEV 2007/08. We do not need xenophobes here period! I own land in other parts of Kenya that is not my home base. I should feel safe and secure anywhere and everywhere in Kenya. As Kenyans we should say no to ethnocentrism loudly enough to be heard by everyone in this land and more so beyond our borders.