Tuesday September 17, 2019-Sarah Wairimu Cohen, Chief suspect in the murder of Dutch tycoon, Tob Cohen, has said her late husband was a violent man who was nearly deported by late former Internal Security minister John Michuki in 2010.

Wairimu, in a lengthy statement to the police before Cohen went missing on July 20, says that her husband was a stubborn and unpredictable man with no sense of shame or honour. 

The widow claimed that Tob Cohen crossed Michuki‘s path when he went to his Widsor Golf Club and tried to cause commotion there.

“Tob had crossed his [Michuki's] path by insulting him and his company and was to be deported. I appealed and he was let free,”
"After this, we were made persona-non-grata at the Windsor and had to withdraw our business from there,” Wairimu who is now incarcerated at Langata Women’s Prison, narrated.

Wairimu also painted a picture of a vengeful and irritable man who would fight business rivals physically in clubs and social places. 

However despite all these narration, Wairimu is glaring at life sentence for killing Tob Cohen.

The body of Cohen was discovered last Friday inside a septic tank in his Kitisuru home.

Three more suspects have been arrested in connection with the gruesome murder.


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