Friday September 6, 2019 - A group of Kenyan scientists from Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) have discovered a highly effective way to kill the malaria parasite and have invented a new antimalarial drug.

According to KEMRI, the breakthrough could lead to the development of a new class of antimalarial drugs in less than two years.

The hope of a new treatment comes after trials in Burkina Faso proved that Ivermectin, a conventional drug used for parasitic diseases including river blindness and elephantiasis, reduced transmission rates.

The medication worked by making the blood of people, who were repeatedly vaccinated, lethal to mosquitoes.

The study also found that Ivermectin that was manufactured by KEMRI scientists, can kill plasmodium falciparum, the malaria parasite carried by female mosquitoes, when administered to humans.

US-based Center for Disease Control and Prevention will now perform human trials of the drug and Kenya can be allowed to manufacture the drug in mass production and eliminate malaria in the continent.


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