Friday, September 20, 2019-City socialite, Mishi Dora, is in a jovial mood after a man who allegedly shot and run over was paralyzed.

The Nairobi Diaries socialite shared photos of the man in hospital on her Instagram page and said that karma has retaliated after the man was electrocuted , paralyzing his body.

 Karma is the most patient gangster ever. Fam, please fight your battles on your knees and leave the rest to God... This is the same guy that shot at me with his gun and run me over with his car and left me for the dead...” she wrote on her IG page.

Mishi said the man left her crippled for months and  she still bears the scars to date.

“I was in a wheelchair for like a year... Got crippled and have scars that haven't gone away to-date... Some are even covered in tattoos.  Today he is paralysed... He got electrocuted and now can't move his body... God, I thank you... Justice can be delayed but cannot be denied.... Have a good weekend sweetheart’s,” she further said.

According to Mishi, the man bought justice after she took him to court but karma has finally retaliated.

Here’s her full post on Instagram.

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