Friday September 13, 2019 - State House Digital Director, Dennis Itumbi, has dared the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to come for him instead of what he termed as harassment of young people around him.

Itumbi expressed his fury and disappointment at the police after arresting a man said to have been a State witness in the infamous DP William Ruto ‘assassination letter’ case, which he has also been linked to.

Samwel Gateri Wanjiru was dramatically arrested on Wednesday by detectives from the DCI at Sagret Hotel, where he as meeting his lawyer, Goergiadis Majimbo, and taken to Shauri Moyo Police Station.

In a series of tweets, Itumbi threw punches at the DCI, accusing its officers of harassing young people whose only mistake was subscribing to the ‘Hustlers Nation’ linked with Ruto.

“Lakini @DCI_Kenya if you want me, come for me, even summoning me by a tweet will do.”

“Hii story ya Ku-harass young people – whose only mistake is that they subscribe to #HustlersNation is wrong!” he tweeted.

According to Itumbi, Gateri was not the first witness to withdraw from the ‘assassination letter’ case, alleging that Interior PS Karanja Kibicho had also been listed as the first witness but later reportedly withdrew.

“First, you charge your own WITNESS because he exposed what you did.”

“Forced him to implicate DP @WilliamsRuto - We both know he was not the first witness to withdrawal,” Itumbi stated.

“The first witness to withdraw on this matter was Interior PS Karanja Kibicho.”

“The charge sheet that I was shown while signing the charge and caution statement had his name as prosecution witness one,” he added.

Gateri was charged on Thursday with two counts of falsifying a document and purporting it to be from a Cabinet Secretary.


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