Saturday, September 14, 2019- An Irish businessman based in Kenya has warned wealthy white men to avoid Kikuyu women like a plague following the gruesome murder of Dutch billionaire, Tob Cohen.

Cohen had been missing for several weeks with his wife, Sarah Wairimu accused of murdering him and hiding his body.

On Friday, September 12, the decomposing body of the 75-year old was recovered inside a septic tank at his palatial home in Kitisuru.

The murder most foul brought the country to a standstill and DCI director, who has seen it all, struggled to find words to describe the macabre murder.

 “Cohen was, it is a gruesome murder, they took their time to kill innocent Cohen,” he said. 

“He was bound on legs, hands, and neck before he was murdered and then they hid him in an underground water tank. They took their time,” he added.

Consequently, an Irish businessman by the name Sean Murphy, who is based in Kenya, has warned wealthy white men dating Kikuyu women that they could suffer the same fate as Cohen’s.

See his tweet below.


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