Tuesday September 17, 2019-Mt. Kenya elders have responded aggressively to leaders who are accused of bullying Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru.

The elders harshly condemned how Waiguru was heckled by rowdy youths who disrupted her event last Thursday.

According to reports, Kirinyaga council of elders threatened to curse any leader who incites the youth to turn against political rivals, stating that they should respect each other. 

“We are cautioning the MCAs against the habit of fighting the Executive. They should play their oversight role without fighting other elected leaders,” Chairman Cyrus Githaka warned during a press conference at Riagitugu Shrine. 

Waiguru was speaking in Kirinyaga on Thursday last week during the opening of Kagumo Market in Kirinyaga, where she was booed.

Githaka further demanded an apology from leaders who executed the plan to bully Waiguru.

On the other hand, Former Mwea MP Peter Gitao, who was coronated as the council's patron, faulted leaders who undermined their colleagues in public.

“Let's all unite and support each elected leader in their capacity since it is voters who gave them the mandate.”

"We cannot bring about development by causing divisions and wrangling” Gitao asserted.



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