Thursday September 19, 2019-Contrary to misconceptions that he's a Luo, Orange Democratic Movement party chairman, John Mbadi, has set records straight over his lineage.

Speaking in Kibra, Mbadi insisted that ODM party is national, arguing that most of the communities are incorporated in the party's leadership.

He argued that ODM does not belong to Luos, a community which is mostly associated with the party due to roots of party leader Raila Odinga.

According to Mbadi, his roots are anchored in the Abasuba community, a Bantu speaking people who live in the shores of Lake Victoria in South Nyanza.

"Unlike other parties, ODM is national. If I asked you today who is Jubilee Chairman, I don't think some of you know. But if you ask about ODM in Mandera, you'll be told it's Mbadi," he said.

"ODM does belong to Luos. Personally, I am not a Luo as many of you think. I am a Suba only that we neighbour Luos in Nyanza," he added.

The Abasuba community, just like Abakuria and Abagusii, settled in Nyanza. However, the community, which stays in Mbita, Mfangano and Rusinga Islands, has been assimilated by the Luo.


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