Saturday September 14, 2019-A Member of Parliament stunned curious onlookers in Nakuru on Friday, when he paraded his two wives and boosted of his prowess in the bedroom. 

Nakuru Town East MP David Gikaria and his wives had attended the Inua Mama rally held at the Nakuru ASK Show grounds.

When he was given time to speak, the MP decided to introduce his two wives, while indicating that the third one did not make it to the event since she had Given birth.                                                                       
 "I am the Nakuru Town East MP. And, when one has a wife or wives, he has to acknowledge. I have several Nakuru Town East first ladies. Let me introduce my first ladies to you,” stated Gikaria.

She introduced them as Veronica Wairimu and Dorcas Wangui. 

“This one is Veronica Wairimu, she is the First Lady Number One. And this one is Dorcas Wangui, she is also the First Lady Number One B. First Lady Number One C is not here, but I will bring her here another day. Niko sawa, ama siko sawa? (I am okay or not?) Na, unajua sisaidiangwi (And, you know I am never helped) … Let them bear me witness, I am never helped. I am good at it,” he said.

The legislator is one of few leaders in the Country who have come out to reveal his polygamous nature.  



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