Wednesday, September 4, 2019 - City socialite, Huddah Monroe, is on record mocking Kenyan men and praising Nigerian men, calling them the most romantic creatures in the planet.

Huddah used to praise “Naija” men on her Instagram page and busy describing how they are bulls in between the sheets.

At some point, she even dated a Nigerian man.

However, the petite socialite has finally opened up her eyes after realizing that most Nigerian men are notorious scammers.

Huddah took to social media and made a series of posts warning Kenyan women against dating Nigerian men.

According to Huddah, Nigerian men confuse Kenyan ladies with good sex and pretend to be caring but when they get what they want, they vanish, leaving most ladies high and dry.

Here are posts of Huddah castigating Nigerian men.


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