On the 16th July 2019, I walked into Equity Bank Lavington Branch to withdraw 1 million Kenya Shillings and talked to the operations Manager Mr Gitonga and requested to be paid in the new currency in 1000/- notes.

He told me the bank had only the old notes.

He agreed to make arrangements for the new notes the following day 17/7/19.

I went to his office on the 17/7/19 to withdraw as promised.

He paid me 1million shillings in the new currency and left the bank around noon in my car.
I was meeting a friend for lunch at a popular restaurant in Kilimani Area.

The thieves were hanging around monitoring my movements.

Eventually, they broke the driver’s window and made away with all the 1m shillings.

I was so devastated.

The restaurant has a CCTV and requested it to be played.

It was evident from the cctv footages that I was being followed all the way from the Equity Bank Lavington Branch.

I reported the case to Kilimani Police Station.

Their observation after explaining to them the genesis of events for the two days in question is that it was an inside game from the bank taking into consideration the vehicles registration numbers as evidenced from the CCTV footages were fake.

The police are still investigating but they’re of the opinion it will take a while since it was crafted within the Equity Bank.

The fear now is how do we trust these banks if they collude with criminals to still our savings and endangering our lives.

I’m therefore requesting you to spread this dangerous experience to reach as many people as possible and reassess your their banking institutions.

Thanks. J.S

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