Wednesday, September 4, 2019 - Kenyan ladies have this strange fascination with West African men, especially Nigerians, despite compelling evidence that most of them are scammers, drug dealers and conmen.

These Naija guys use the allure of good life to ensnare Kenyan ladies only to use and dump them like a bad habit.

That is how a Kenyan socialite by the name Pesh, who made headlines in 2015 with her sexy curves and derriere was lured by a Nigerian guy and later found herself trafficking hard drugs.

Pesh was busted in a Ghanaian airport in 2015 trying to sneak drugs and was slapped with a 10 year jail sentence.

Her former classmate at MKU has narrated how she was lured by these Nigerian men and warned Kenyan ladies to avoid West African men like a plague.

Read her account below.

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