So its been exactly 1 year 3 months now since I discovered my wife is been sleeping with someone else.we dont have sex like we used to,and if we do,she is quick to tell me to finish up...like 'mwaga haraka'.I go to work as usual do everything,we are blessed with 3 children and life has been rossy till about three years ago when I noticed the sudden change in attitude.

She changed completely,went from being the nagging,caring wife,to a just there wife,her phone is always silent,or on flight mode further more she has put password on her phone.
She doesn't serve me nor greet me at the door when I arrive at home,instead she just sits her ass on the couch,chatting on social media,then proceeds to serve herself eat heartily while I pretent am watching t.v..so she doesn't see how pissed off iam....at night when I try to touch her,,she jerks my hand of like it has reprossy,complains that she has a headache,or that she is on her monthly period.

So one day I hacked her phone..am quite tech servy and handling gadgets is my thing...I found a text msg from a kevin...the same kevin who once called her in the middle of the night...she didn't pick all she could do was rant and pretend to be mad that her colleague is calling her at night...I noted that no and did my FBI like investigation....mind you the guy had texted her that she misses her and was asking if it was possible if they meet again
The following I woke up and said I must teach this mburukenge a lesson.I wanted his private parts to migrate from their rightful place to the forehead.I contacted this doctor who everyone is praising.

I called his number and emailed him.I had saved these details in my phone:

Phone number +254740637248

Email: mugwenudoctors@gmail.com

His email address www.mugwenudoctors.com

It’s last evening that the teacher called me and said he can’t locate his private parts and he is feeling too much pain.I told me he will do everything so that I can forgive him.What should I do?

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