Tuesday September 10, 2019-The war of words between Deputy President William Ruto and Cherangany MP, Joshua Kutuny, dragged on as Kutuny lashed back at DP's harsh criticism.

DP Ruto on Friday lamented over Kutuny's betrayal, accusing him of being used to cause trouble in the Rift Valley.

"The major problem between us is how the DP is going behind President Uhuru Kenyatta's back despite it being evident that Uhuru has no issue at all with him. Then he goes to the Rift and accuses me of betraying him.”

"How do I betray him by working with Uhuru? The story would be true if Uhuru was his enemy. However, it all started with the maize saga when I asked him to explain why he used emissaries to blame the Uhuru for maize issues in the Rift instead of him finding a solution," Kutuny reacted.

He further waded into the controversial Mau evictions, blasting Ruto for his silence.

"Why is he quiet on the Mau evictions, using Rift MPs to ask Uhuru to give his land to the squatters? I am only out to correct him that before we reach out to the president on Rift issues, he has to act and respond first. 

"I asked him why he is using Elgeyo-Marakwet Senator, Kipchumba Murkomenand Kapsaret MP, Oscar Sudi, to attack other communities in Rift Valley. Why is he not reprimanding them" Kutuny stated. 

He then reminded Ruto that he ardently supported his bid for Deputy Presidency.
"I remember supporting him, announcing that Uhuru will be president and Ruto his DP. I faced a lot of tribulation supporting him," Kutuny recalled. 



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