Monday September 2, 2019-Political analyst Herman Manyora has divulged on why Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, would become President in 2022.

The University of Nairobi lecturer stated that Sonko would give Deputy President William Ruto and ODM leader Raila Odinga sleepless nights should he decide to contest for the prestigious seat.

"We have been talking about two strong presidential candidates in 2022, Ruto and Raila. Of course, around them, there are other wannabes. But today, I want to introduce another strong candidate. President Mike Mbuvi Sonko.

"I know some people might think I am crazy, but as I speak, there are other similar Presidents in the world. There is the British Prime Minister, Borris Johnson, the US President Donald Trump and there may soon be one in Uganda by the name Bobi Wine," Manyora asserted through his YouTube channel. 

He went on to reveal his reasons as to why Sonko was the most suitable candidate to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta. 

"The conditions in this country can allow Sonko to be President. First, it would be very easy for Sonko to come into the picture if the Building Bridges Initiative dies the same death that Punguza Mizigo has died. I am saying Punguza Mizigo is dead and that BBI could suffer the same fate," Manyora took a jibe at the two bills proposing a referendum to change the Constitution.

Manyora went on to state that if Sonko competes with Raila, he will floor the ODM leader due to the governor's charisma. 

"Sonko will have to compete against Raila, but Sonko will do things that people believe should be done. Indeed in the past, he has done things which educated men like Kidero could not do. He has shown he is a hands-on man and therefore when he comes with ideas, people will pick them. For example, Manchester United playing against Gor Mahia, through their own crude tactics the Kenyan club could defeat the Red Devils," Manyora opined.

Against Ruto, he stated that Sonko would emerge victorious despite the same using almost close antics.

"Sonko will be a big match because as Ruto plays the hustler card, I think Sonko would have a higher hustler card. Sonko is the epitome of a person who has come from nowhere and made something for himself. He rose from nothing, therefore Ruto cannot play within the hustler card against hustler number one, Mike Sonko,” he added.


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