Wednesday, September 18, 2019-A boy from Consolata School has become the talk of the town after he recorded a video hurling unprintable insults and threatening fellow pupil for calling him gay.

He ranted and threatened to kill the girl who is identified as, Nikita, saying that she has been bad-mouthing him in school.
At some point, the spoilt boy threatens to shoot Nikita in the fore-head if they meet and called her a ghetto girl who has been languishing in poverty.

...your desk and your books all are gonna get burnt, so you better stay in your f**** class and watch out for me b**** because I am dangerous I will shoot you in the f***forehead. You hear me b**** I am coming for you tomorrow….” the pupil ranted.

Kenyans have blamed poor parenting for the boys spoilt behaviours.

The boy’s mother is said to be a single mother who lives in Kilimani.

She is allegedly known for bringing different men to the lavish apartment where she lives with her son.

See  her photo.


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