Thursday September 5, 2019 - Former United States President Barrack Obama’s half-sister, Auma Obama, has attacked British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) over how it described Africa.

In a post on Wednesday, Auma appeared to take offence in the description that appeared to suggest that Africa was one country.

Expressing her disbelief, she told off the BBC, saying that Africa was a continent that comprises of 54 countries with diverse unique cultures and called on the globally renowned station to employ the proper definition.

"Can’t believe it. BBC World just advertised prog. on Africa as: “Africa, a LAND of limitless talent!” Really?! BBC Wrld!? Africa is a CONTINENT of 54 v. diverse unique countries! Call it as it is. Struggle 2 identify wth amoebic def. of Africa favored by the West. Can’t identify.6920,” Auma wrote.

Europeans and some Americans have for long been accused of referring to Africa as a single entity rather than a continent with many countries.


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  1. Who is fooling who here? Some of the Synonyms of CONTINENT are: Landmass, land, landform, area, region, terrestrial etc. Is the BBC really wrong on the use of either land or continent in reference to Africa?

  2. i forgive them. for agreeing we have talent