Tuesday September 17, 2019-Sarah Wairimu, chief suspect in the murder of Dutch billionaire, Tob Cohen, has accused Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI), George Kinoti, of framing her in the gruesome murder of her husband.

Cohen's body was retrieved from a septic tank within his Kitisuru home on Friday, and was set to undergo a pathological test at the Chiromo Mortuary on Tuesday.

Now Sarah through her lawyer Philip Murgor said Kinoti framed her because he wants to grab her palatial house in Kitisuru along Farasi Lane.

Murgor claimed Kinoti and other cartels are planning how they will acquire the palatial house worth over half a billion shillings.

“The end-game of the plot was to have her locked up in prison to allow those with interest evict her from the house,” Murgor claimed.

The lawyer claimed Cohen's body was planted at the scene by DCI detectives

"A search at the home was done with the consent and presence of Sarah from room to room. In the compound, they checked the manholes except one, which was just five metres a part," Murgor said.

"On Thursday someone (police officer) announced that the search would stop. The following day, they resumed, but without my client and eventually announced that the body had been found,” Murgor added.

 The Kenyan DAILY POST

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  2. Sounds very based on the fact kinoti knew that Cohen was murdered long before the body was recovered while everyone within the public domain believed Cohen was a missing person. Is kinoti an angel or a prophet?