Sunday September 15, 2019-Sarah Wairimu Cohen, the chief suspect in murder of Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen, has sensationally claimed the body of her husband was planted in her compound to frame her.

Speaking through her lawyer Philip Murgor on Saturday, a day after Mr Cohen’s body was discovered dumped in a septic tank at the Kitisuru home she shared with the slain Dutchman, Ms Wairimu says the discovery of the body was shrouded in mystery and the police have not been forthcoming with information.

The lawyer also took issue with Director of Criminal Investigations(DCI), George Kinoti, whom they accused of announcing that Tob Cohen’ s body had been found before it had even been retrieved from the septic tank.

“Those who have been saying that Cohen was dead, ask the police how they knew that he was dead and we were still looking for him. Even before pulling out the body, Kinoti called the media and said they had found him. We were not there as the defence,” Murgor said.

The lawyer said his client believes the body that was found in a septic tank is not Mr Cohen since she hope to see her alive and maintained she is not dead.


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