Monday September 23, 2019-Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino, has said that he is not ready to engage in sideshows after his Starehe counterpart Charles Kanyi alias Jaguar asked Deputy President William Ruto permission to beat him up.

On Sunday, Jaguar who was speaking in Kayole asked the DP to give him permission to beat Babu Owino for insulting the DP.

“Your excellency there is a young boy called Babu Owino who insulted you recently. I am asking your permission to let me beat up that boy again and embarrass him, your Excellency," Jaguar begged.

But in a Facebook on Monday, Owino said that he is only ready to concentrate on matters of development.

The lawmaker said that there is no way he will allow himself to be derailed from the right course when he can work towards helping his people.

"What did the Starehe MP say? I will not engage in such petty altercations. I shall use my energy to fight for those who elected me, the youth and those in need in the society," Babu Owino stated.

Babu Owino is a close confidante of NASA leader, Raila Odinga.


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  1. So insulting your seniors by using foul language and unprintable epithets is being focused on development? Jaguar twanga-twanga hii mtoto jeuri mara ya pili, but this time tumia nyaunyo.