Wednesday September 18, 2019 - Prominent city businessman, Dr Chris Kirubi, has advised Kenyans to go for early cancer screening because it is curable when detected in early stages.

In an exclusive interview with a local daily, Kirubi, who is a billionaire, revealed how he accidentally discovered he had a deadly disease that is claiming lives of thousands of Kenyans every year.

Kirubi recalled the day he was diagnosed with cancer over a year ago.

He narrated how he had had a normal working day characterised by a number of business meetings before retiring to his home in Kitisuru, Nairobi.

However, while resting at home, the tycoon started experiencing fever and called his private doctor who tagged a pathologist along.

“They took my blood and quickly ran checks only to return to tell me that I was very sick and needed to go with them to the hospital.”

“They rushed me through the emergency section straight to the High Dependency Ward at Nairobi Hospital.”

"I’m told my eyes were yellow and my fever was shooting through the roof.”

“From there it was a series of tests for the next few days as they observed my situation," Kirubi said.

The businessman was later informed that he had stage two cancer, which was affecting his internal organs including the lungs and kidneys.

He said he went for specialized treatment in Boston, United States, where doctors ran further checks and initiated treatment.

“These are some of the best oncologists you can get and I’m lucky that I made it there.”

“What followed was a struggle.”

“It was painful, unsettling and the medication was sometimes very strong.”

“I never lost faith and people came to pray for me.”

“With time I began to improve.”

“My body was weak yet I had to continue with the medication.”

“It was not easy,” he recalled.

Kirubi, who is now a cancer survivor, maintained that all cancers are treatable once detected early.

He urged all Kenyans to go for early cancer screening.


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