Monday September 9, 2019 – The Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI), George Kinoti, has said that he is confident that all individuals involved in the Sh 72 million Standard Chartered Bank’s robbery will be arrested and prosecuted.

According to Kinoti, last week’s robbery had been planned for over 5 months, and involved police officers, G4S officers, and bank officials.

He said so far over 20 suspects have been arrested including five police officers.

One police officer was attached to Spring Valley Police Station while another was attached to Thogoto AP Camp. 

Kinoti said that the thugs made a lot of mistakes despite disabling cameras at G4S Headquarters along Witu Road and at the lobby of Standard Chartered Bank, Nairobi West Branch.

He said one of the mistakes the thugs made is failing to disable cameras in the vicinity.

Kinoti said footage from neighboring buildings captured the suspect's faces and cars that they used as they left the premises.

The top detective said this made the police’s work easier and now all they want to crack the case is just time.

“We now have every evidence to put these thugs to jail.”

“They planned to fail,” Kinoti, who was laughing said.

 “My boys did a good job,” he added.


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