Friday September 20, 2019  -The family of slain Dutch tycoon, Tob Cohen, has finally shared the details of the will left by the deceased who had deposited it with Kirundi and Company Advocates in Nairobi, 5 years ago.

“We shall be opening the will of the late Tob Cohen at 11.30am tomorrow (today) in our chambers,” Mr Kirundi told journalists on Thursday.

The lawyer sent letters to lawyers representing Cohen’s widow, Sarah Wairimu, and the legal team hired by Cohen’s sister, Gabrielle, and brother, Bernard.

Gabrielle and Brother Bernard opened the will that shocked many, including the lawyers.

In the will, Cohen stated that his Kitisuru home be sold once he dies and the money be shared between his sister, Gabrielle, and his brother, Bernard. 

The house is estimated to be worth Sh 500 million.

Regarding Tob Safaris Ltd, the deceased stated that it should also be sold and the proceeds shared between his siblings, Gabrielle and Bernard.

He also requested his immediate family to bury him in Kenya because he fell in love with the country from the moment he came in 1987.

Sarah Wairimu, who was his wife, was left with nothing.

Tob Cohen went missing on July 19th and on Friday last week, DCI detectives discovered his body inside a septic tank at his Kitisuru villa.

Sarah and her clandestine lover, Peter Karanja, are the prime suspects.


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