Wednesday September 25, 2019-Meru Senator Mithika Linturi’s estranged wife, Marianne Kitany, has hired a nun as her advocate in their messy divorce case.

The highly-publicized divorce case has looped in some of the best lawyers in the Country.

According to sources, Leonida Katunge, who doubles up as a nun and an advocate, is good at her job and will give Linturi a run for his money.

“Tomorrow [today] I’m going to cross-examine Marriane," Leonida stated.

Leonida was admitted to the bar on February 13 and begun practicing the same month. She is specialized in conveyancing and family matters.

The advocate narrated that it was not always easy for her, noting that she had to be well-read so as to represent her clients the best way she could.

“Someone has given a case to you. They have trusted you,” she stated.

During a court hearing that took place on Tuesday, Leonida, dressed in her grey outfit, participated in Kitany's case.

She was seen asking the witness questions as well as consulting with her counterpart Dunstan Omari

Leonida revealed that her journey has not been easy, adding that balancing her life has been quite challenging.

“Balancing your life is very important. Like now someone was asking me why I’m not talking of the rosary. So you have to balance,” she stated.

Further, she encouraged other nuns who thought they could work as advocates to follow their dreams.


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