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Thursday, September 19, 2019 - Before the dust settles on the viral video of a Consolata Primary School kid using obscene language against his classmates, it has emerged that some of the books approved for use in primary school in Kenya have shocking adult content.

A case in point is a story book dubbed ‘Blood Ties’ that some parents say they were asked to buy for their pupils in class six.

The book contains very strong language including the word ‘Fuck’ and has been on sale in one of the largest bookshops in Kenya - Tex Book Center.

After social media outrage, the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) denounced the storybook while Text Book Center announced they have pulled the book from their stores.

“Text Book Centre believes in upholding high moral standards and raising generations of responsible citizens who are not only educated but also responsible,” the statement reads in part.

“We have taken measures to mitigate this and henceforth we shall not be stocking the above book.”

However, the book publishers, Story Moja, remains defiant stating that there was nothing wrong with the content.

“In actual fact, the book guides the reader on the steps to talk should they find themselves in a similar situation and underscores the sensitivity with which victims of sexual abuse should be treated. Whereas we have not ascertained the authenticity of allegation that the aforementioned title was recommended for Class 6 pupils. We would like to state that the title was recommended for High School readers and above,” said Story Moja’s managing editor Monity Odera.

Check out the excerpt from the book and reaction below.


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