Monday September 16, 2019-National Super Alliance (NASA) leader, Raila Odinga has always been known to be a sporty person, several times participating in football matches in order to keep his fitness levels up and also engage the youth in sport.

However in 2010, Raila Odinga was diagnosed with a deadly brain condition that spelt doom to his political career spanning over 5 decades.

The painful journey started when Raila Odinga went for a routine medical checkup at Nairobi Hospital where his personal physician, Dr Oluoch Olunya told him he has to open up his brain and relieve the built-up pressure.

The pressure was caused by the PM banging his head in his car a while back

Before he underwent a complex surgery, Raila Odinga summoned his wife, Ida Odinga to his hospital bed and urged her if he dies he will die a peaceful death.

“Before I was wheeled into theatre, I looked at my wife and told her if this was supposed to be my end, so be it, I am at peace with myself,” Raila narrated.

After this brief conversation, Raila confessed to only remember waking up in the Intensive Care Unit several hours later, before he was transferred to a private ward where he recovered well.


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