My name is Anne Wambui Wahito. I have a 5 year old daughter, whose father is a man by the name of Bryan Yongo. We separated 3 years ago, due to his constant physical and verbal abuse towards me and my mother. He has even threatened to kill us.

We had a case at the Children’s Court, Milimani in 2017, regarding the upkeep and custody of my daughter. The judge granted me custody, but never made a final judgement, as Bryan was dragging out the case in court.

Shortly afterwards, he got an order from the judge to have me blacklisted from leaving the country. I am not a criminal. I have been looking for a job for 2 years now, both locally and internationally and, by the grace of God, I managed to find a job in Kuwait. Last Thursday is when I was meant to fly out to Kuwait to start my new job, but upon arrival at the airport, the immigration officers told me that my daughter's father had given instructions that I should never leave the country and they ordered me to leave my passport behind. They then directed me to the 7th floor at Nyayo House to find out what the issue was about. When I got there the next day, the man at the office told me that Bryan had bribed people to place a ban on my travel and that I should urgently write a letter, so that the judge could remove the ban. He said it was illegal, but Bryan had used his connections and money to corrupt people.

As we speak, I'm currently living like a displaced person, hiding from one house to the other, because when Bryan heard that I had gotten a job abroad, he went to the Kileleshwa OCPD and recorded a false statement that I had stolen from him. This is a man that I never got married to; we just had a child together.

Every evening, he sends different policemen to my mother's house to threaten her and try to break down her door. This man is swearing to kill my mother and I and he's saying that he will use his money and connections to accomplish his mission.

My civil case is scheduled to come up in Milimani Law Courts today, August 30th 2019 at 9am, but I'm afraid to attend, as he swore to bribe the judge as well. I do not have freedom and peace in my own country. He placed 4 men outside my mother's gate, from morning to evening, to stop us from going in and out and he also uses policemen to track our phone numbers.

Kindly please help me before anything happens to my mother and I.

Courtesy of Boniface Mwangi.


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