Saturday, September 14, 2019- Media personality, Ciku Muiruri, is on the receiving end from Kenyans on social media after she tried to use the gruesome murder of Dutch billionaire, Tob Cohen, to sell her book.

Immediately, after the body of the 75-year old billionaire was found in an underground septic tank at his residence in Kitisuru, Ciku took to Facebook to reveal that that she knew Mr. Cohen and and once spent time at his palatial home and was impressed by their hospitality

Ciku Muiruri, once famous for her busted show on radio, went on to narrate that she had a good time with the couple’s dogs.

However, the fact that she used this gruesome murder to market her book has angered Kenyans who have accused her of exploiting people’s misfortunes to make money.

 “I knew Tob Cohen. I was fortunate enough to visit their home late last year. He and Sarah, have a lovely home, well put together. They both bought a copy of (name of book ) I spent a large part of that evening bonding with their dogs. Dogs, very friendly and loveable (at least to me), that if need be, can turn vicious. Dogs protect their master… Where were they?” wrote Ms Muiruri.

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