Wednesday, September 4, 2019 - Former Radio Queen Ciku Muiruri, has sparked a heated debate on social media with her controversial advice to ladies on how to deal with sex pests in the work place.

Several women have been complaining about sexual harassment in the hands of randy bosses and men in positions of power.

While some ladies are forced to resign or fired after refusing the sexual advances of their bosses, the media personality has this crazy advice for women who find themselves in such a predicament.

Taking to social media, she wrote: 

Your wife, daughter, sister or niece is currently being asked for sexual favours in the workplace. Personally, I do not know a woman who has never been subjected to this.

“If you outrightly say no to a predator like this and mistakenly think it ends there, you are naive. You are not taking into account how dangerous a man with a bruised ego can be.

“My advice is this: Never say no, just quote high. If you simply say “No. I’m not interested,” you risk damaging that ego and once you do, well, he will find a reason to fire you. 

“Never say no, just quote high… He will never afford you. And if he does, take his money and run for the hills. Who says you have to sleep with him?”

However, netizens have poked holes on her advice pointing out the numerous tragic cases of women who tried to finesse men.


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