Sunday, September 29, 2019- Former Churchill Show comedian, JB Masanduku, has publicly begged his ex-wife, Tina Kagia, to allow him see their kids.

The two wedded in 2014 at a private ceremony and went on to have two children before their marriage hit a dead end.

Sometimes in 2017, Kagia, who is a Radio personality, narrated her three year marriage to the funnyman was so toxic that she nearly committed suicide.

“I disappeared for four months because I needed medical attention for depression; I was suicidal at this point,” she revealed.

Following their divorce, Tina was granted custody of their kids as she accused JB of being a deadbeat father.

“He doesn’t know where we live. He doesn’t know about my son’s school. Anyone who has doubts should ask him to produce any receipt of any contribution he has made to the children’s upkeep,” Tina claimed

The comedian, who has since moved on, is desperate to see their kids and has pleaded with Kagia to allow him see them.

During an interview with a local TV, JB said:

 “Tina, first and foremost I hope you are well and doing fine. I beseech you that we have a sit-down and we talk about how I would probably see the kids. 

"It will not interfere with someone you or I am seeing but I think it is integral for them to know their father and hear part of my story,”


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