Tuesday September 17, 2019 - Gilgil MP, Martha Karanja’s ex-husband Peter Karanja is among two suspects who have been arrested in connection with the murder of Dutch tycoon, Tob Cohen.

Karanja, who is a former taxi driver, was arrested last Friday after detectives found that he had a fling with Tob Cohen’s wife, Sarah Wairimu Cohen

Sarah and Peter are the main suspects in the murder case that has shocked the entire country.

Karanja is not a stranger to court cases.

In 2018, his wife, Martha Wangari, filed for divorce from him after submitting in court that Karanja both physically and emotionally abused her.

In the documents, Hon Wangari submitted that Karanja had become fully dependent on him in everything, and was abusively extorting money from her.

“He tracked my phone and followed me as I was meeting some other women leaders.”

“He dragged me out of the meeting, beat me up and then tried to run over me with a Mercedes car.”

“The irony is that the car is the one I had bought him.” stated Wangari.

In the court papers, Wangari said Karanja had become a womanizer who had resorted to threatening her to bankroll the lives of his other women.

Martha would later tell the court that Karanja had honed the habit of hopping from one woman to another and depending on them.

She also said Karanja would soon find a woman to take care of him

“I have come to learn that he is a man who depends on women for upkeep.”

“He did that to his former wife, he tried it with my secretary and now that I have left he will reunite with another woman,” Wangari said.

Karanja was having a secret relationship with Sarah Wairimu who was allegedly bankrolling his life.


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