Monday, September 2, 2019-A lady who works at one of the 5 star beach hotels in Diani has been secretly recording herself having three some  sex with guests through hidden cameras and then blackmailing them.

The lady who is identified as Beauty Kadzo Kithunga, works as a guest relations assistant at a  posh beach  hotel in Diani.

She operates with her lesbian and gay friends.

She leads guests to a room where she record videos  having three-some sex and then blackmails them.

We understand that she also hangs out  at Danka Grill and Mint Lounge- popular entertainment joints in Mombasa, where she lures more men to sex and secretly records the videos.

The Kenyan DAILY POST is in possession of  photos and videos of the lady having sex with different men, a proof that she is a hardcore prostitute masquerading as a hotel worker.

Check out the expose in one of the popular telegram channels.

 Here are photos of the lady- videos and photos she secretly recorded  coming shortly.


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  1. This is nonsense, man rejected by a lady act stupidly, formulate and post false stories on the we. Do you think she will accept you back by doing so???