Exciting Kenya Entertainment News

It doesn’t really matter if you live in Kenya or you are just a fan of the country, it seems like there is always something exciting taking place. This is especially true for those individuals that are big in the entertainment industry. There is always some kind of show or gossip about one of the biggest stars doing this or that. In fact, there is so much going on that it can be hard to keep up with it all. And, this is exactly why articles like this were made. This article is going to discuss some of the most exciting entertainment news currently going on in the country of Kenya.
Singer Emmy Kosgei Getting Back To Her Roots

If you are a fan of gospel music, in general, there is a very good chance that you have heard of Emmy Kosgei. Heck, you have probably heard one or more of her songs sung at your local church. Whatever the situation is, there is simply no denying that she is the cornerstone of gospel music in Kenya. And, this is why it is such a big deal that she recently announced that she will be moving back to the country after she retires. Well, retirement would be a bit of a big step. The gospel beauty loves her roots and certainly just doesn’t want to quit cold turkey. She does plan on keeping up with a side project or two during her downtime but has quite revealed just what that is going to be yet. Whatever she chooses to do there is no denying that it will be exciting and straight from the heart.

The Fiery Singer Akothee

Speaking of singers, you really don’t get more fiery and controversial than Akothee. Unfortunately, she isn’t being recognized in the same light as gospel singer Emmy Kosgei. Anyone from Kenya knows that the country is still kind of conservative. They aren’t quite as bad as Iran or Iraq, but there are right there on the same wavelength. And, this is why it came as such a shock to the country when the singer was seen on stage dressed inappropriately, spreading her legs for the whole world to see. When this occurred it didn’t take long before the Kenyan Films and Classification Board boss Ezekiel Mutua stepped in.

It seems that when Mutua learned of the situation he immediately stepped in and took action. He sat the singer down and gave her a strong talking to about morals and ethics. According to Mutua, Akothee’s public appearance has greatly improved. Not only this, but she is also cutting back on some of those more provocative dance moves.

Another Gospel Singer Makes The Headlines

It probably doesn’t come as a huge surprise to anyone playing poker online in Kenya to learn that another gospel singer has made the headlines. After all, gospel music is the heart and soul of the country. However, this singer is hitting the headlines for a different reason. It is not because she is announcing that she isn’t fully retiring or that she is moving back to Kenya. No, gospel singer Size 8 is making headlines for unleashing her romantic side. Her fans are eating it up and just can’t get enough of it. They more and more.

This beautiful singer has been married for going on six years now and has adored every minute of it. She posted an Instagram video of her and her hubby enjoying a bliss picnic that she arranged all on her own. Some spouses might not be so forgiving, but Size 8 wasn’t made when her hubby DJ Mo spaced on their anniversary. In fact, she was delighted by the whole situation because it made her surprise all the more overwhelming as she led her hubby off to her secretly planned picnic.

Diamond Platnumz Left Speechless On Stage

Probably the most shocking news on this article has to do with this last story. Anyone that is into Diamond Platnumz or bongo music knows that Diamond has had a long-time feud going with Harmonize. It seems that his fans have now rotated to his nemesis’ side, as they started chanting Konde gang forever during one of his concerts. This forced his security team to take swift action, as they rushed in, crowded the musician, and rushed him off the stage.

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