Wednesday September 11, 2019-Thirdway Alliance Leader Ekuru Aukot and Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru are on each other’s neck over the Punguza Mizigo Proposals.

This is after the latter dragged him into the NYS looting scandal.

It all started after Waiguru and the Kirinyaga County Assembly rejected Ekuru’s proposals to amend the Constitution, something that angered the Thirdway Alliance leader.

He took to social media to share his frustrations only for Waiguru to respond to the same. 

Ekuru said that he never believed in some things such as witchcraft until the recent twists and turns in the political arena.

"The hallmark of all ignorance is when a sitting governor opposes more money going to her county to enable her do more development among her people. I never believed witchcraft is real until you came out of the closet to irrationally oppose #PunguzaMizigoBill2019," he tweeted.

In a quick rejoinder, Waiguru said that Ekuru has been wining and dining with some of the people who started the National Youth Service Saga that almost brought her down in the leadership circle when she was the CS Devolution. She also alluded that were it not for the love of her people she could be a forgotten case.

"@EAukot focus on your defective bill& stop tired sideshows. We all know who the creators& ghosts of NYSscam were; they fund & feast with you. FYI on corruption, some of us remember the COE massive financial irregularities, we read the reports, you can't fool people all the time.@CpaWaweru," she said.


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