Tuesday September 10, 2019 - Atheists in Kenya now want a share of Deputy President William Ruto’s generous financial donations.

In a somewhat satirical approach, Atheists in Kenya (AIK) have invited Dr Ruto to their next meeting this coming weekend and want him to make a sizeable donation towards their activities.

“Indeed, since his reelection in 2017, Dr Ruto has been very generous to churches.”

“As a society, we would like to invite the Deputy President to grace our event at Hotel Metro, Nairobi, on September 14, 2019.”

“We ask him to support us by way of donation so that our society can have funds to carry out its activities.”

“We hold monthly events and we would appreciate his presence,” Mr Mumia said in his post.

Despite being a registered society, AIK has since its formation suffered setbacks mainly due to low membership and financial constraints that have in the past split its top leadership.

According to the statement sent to newsrooms by the society of non-believers, the DP should embrace the diversity in religious beliefs and slot in AIK in his donations.

“We know the Deputy President understands that as a country we have diverse beliefs.”

“We challenge him to associate with atheists as much as he associates with Christians and Muslims.”

“We would want the DP to help us build schools and hospitals that are truly secular,” the AIK boss further said.

For Ruto, who has often associated himself with religion, it still remains unclear if Dr Ruto will accept the bold invitation by a society that has openly distanced itself from religion.


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