Monday September 2, 2019-Deputy President William Ruto last week claimed that he has managed to take control of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga's strongholds over the last one years in his countrywide tours.

Ruto has made numerous trips to Nyanza, Western and Coast, regions which have traditionally voted for the veteran Opposition leader.

In Kisii and Nyamira for instance, Ruto has made at least 20 combined trips, in a bid to persuade over 800,000 voters in his favor. The region has traditionally voted for Raila.

Speaking in his Nandi native last week, Dr. Ruto also said Mr. Odinga is completely impaired at his perceived turf, arguing that Jubilee accommodated him to thwart demonstrations.

"I have made serious inroads in Raila strongholds. I hear he is trying to regain his base. I told you before this guy is not going anywhere. We have brought him closer so that he can stop mandamano," he claimed.

The DP has managed to bring on board hundreds of MPs, with a sizeable number allied to ODM dropping Mr Odinga for his Tanga Tanga brigade.

Speaking in Kisii on Friday, Odinga urged his supporters to tone down, adding that when the right time for compaigning comes, he will make a major announcement.

"You have to relax. The journey is yet to start. When it shall start, everyone of you will know about it. If we campaign for now, there will be no difference between us and them," he said.



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  1. A very good advise to Ruto and Raila. The next king not elected president will come from the East. There will be no presidential elections. Wait and see