Sunday September 29, 2019-Nominated Senator, Isaac Mwaura, has revealed how he was mishandled by United States’s Secret Service officers during the ongoing United General Assembly meeting in New York.

Secret Service are officers who provide protection for the president and vice president of the United States and their families.

Sharing his thoughts via social media on Saturday, Mwaura narrated three incidences, where the Secret Service discriminated him for being an albino.

"I get into the building and check in at the security. I do the usual stuff of emptying my pockets, then I go through the machine and they do a body search. Then I'm told to step aside and I am kept waiting for over 30 minutes. The Secret Service agents ask for my ID and by this time, they have picked my entry card,” Mwaura said.

"I give them my national ID and NHIF card as further proof of my identity. They tell me that they are looking for someone who fits my description and then they go like, 'the photo is of the same person but the names don’t match',” Mwaura added.

The Jubilee Party nominated senator said that he offered to leave when he noticed he was facing discrimination, but the agents refused to let him go, adding that they got validity of his identity later when he met Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja.

He said US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter issued him an apology after he learned how he was mishandled in US.


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