Thursday September 19, 2019 - Flamboyant lawyer, Donald Kipkorir, has reacted to a claim by the widow of late Dutch billionaire, Tob Cohen, Sarah Wairimu that she has a constitutional right to bury her husband despite being among suspects who sent him to his maker.

Tob Cohen went missing on July 19th and his body was found inside a septic tank in his Kitisuru home on Friday.

Sarah Wairimu and her clandestine lover, Peter Karanja, are the chief suspects in the gruesome murder that shocked the country.

On Wednesday, Sarah through her lawyer, Philip Murgor, claimed that she has a right to inter Cohen’s body and take possession of all his properties despite being incarcerated in Langata Women’s Prison.

But sharing his thoughts via social media on Thursday, lawyer Kipkorir objected her claim saying she is a murder suspect and she is not entitled to anything.

If convicted of Murder or Manslaughter of your Spouse or relative, you lose all claims & rights to the estate of the Deceased ... And when the trial is on, you can’t dictate to the Estate ... Sarah needs to go slow on her media drama! .... Cohen & his Family deserve respect,” Kipkorir said.


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  1. True Donald but her lawyer is also misadvising her. Look at him insist it is she to identify the body before the PM, then she is unable so they can later insist there is no body. But when the sister to Cohen identifies him, her lawyer again changes tune. Or is it that the lawyer has become rusty on matters law and to imagine he was once a DPP.