Wednesday September 4, 2019 - Meru Senator Mithika Linturi, has sensationally blamed his estranged wife, Marianne Kitany, for the woes that befell his father, leading to his eventual death. 

The Senator’s father died on Monday evening, in circumstances that Linturi claimed were brought about by the messy divorce case. 

Linturi’s lawyer, Prof. George Wajackoya, told Magistrate Peter Gesora that the senior Linturi was taken ill, upon learning that Kitany had bought his son a palatial home, despite having sons.

“The father was in pain after he heard news that Kitany told the court she bought him a house,” Wajackoya told the judge. 

He also objected Linturi’s wife’s application for an adjournment to mourn her father-in-law.

Linturi’s other advocate, Muthomi Thiankolu, claimed that despite the unfortunate demise of the Senator’s father, it was important not to lose sight of the hardships Linturi was battling.

He told the court that the senior Linturi might have died as a result of “circumstances that he was going through”.

“Whether Kitany is the daughter-in-law of the deceased or not, is not enough reason to delay the case,” argued Thiankolu. 

He added that there were key aspects of Linturi’s life that have been pending since the case was filed.

“Some of Linturi’s properties have been frozen pending the hearing and determination of the matter,” submitted the Senator's counsel. 


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