Saturday September 21, 2019-The family of slain Dutch businessman, Tob Cohen, on Friday revealed details of a will left by the deceased.

According to the will that was opened by Chege Kirundi and Company advocates, Cohen’s sister, Gabrielle, will inherit 50 per cent of the billionaire's property in Kitisuru.

Further, 25 per cent has been given to Gabriel’s children while the other 25 per cent will be inherited by Cohen’s brother children, Bernard Cohen.
The balance Cohen had in the bank has also been allocated to the sister.

The new revelation has opened another battlefront between Cohen and the deceased wife Sarah Wairimu who was left with nothing.

Sarah, who is the prime suspect in the murder, has already contested the will saying it was fake.

Cohen’s body was retrieved from an underground water tank in his palatial home 40 days after he disappeared.

The deceased is set to be buried on Monday at a Jewish Cemetery in accordance with Jewish rituals. The event will be private with the family and close relatives being the only ones present


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