Wednesday September 4, 2019 - A witness in the fake assignation case facing State House blogger, Dennis Itumbi, has accused Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI), George Kinoti, of threatening him with death threats to implicate Deputy President William Ruto.

Samuel Gateri said, in court papers, that DCI detectives coerced him to confess to have had a telephone conversation with Ruto.

This happened during his grilling over a letter purported to have been authored by a Cabinet Secretary alleging a plot to assassinate the DP.

Gateri was arrested in Embu on July 2nd - days after an investigation was opened into the letter that had surfaced online alleging a May 14th meeting by three CSs to plot the alleged assassination.

Authorities later branded the letter fake prompting the arrest and subsequent prosecution of Dennis Itumbi, who is alleged to be the author of the fake letter.

It is during the proceedings of the criminal case against Itumbi that Gateri filed the application to withdraw as a prosecution witness, citing threats of torture to force him to sign a statement.

“I was under arrest and they told me that they would go ahead and execute me if I did not confirm I had a telephone conversation with his Excellency the Deputy President and Mr Dennis Itumbi was my link.”

“They further threatened that they would take me to a high ranking security personnel in Government so that I could be dealt with,” Gateri told the court through an affidavit signed by his lawyers.


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