Sunday September 22, 2019-Two bloggers have asked Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to investigate late Tob Cohen’s sister Gabrielle over the murder of her brother.

Tob Cohen , who was a Dutch billionaire based in Kenya disappeared on July 19th but 42 days later his body was found dumped inside a septic tank in his Kitisuru home in Nairobi.

Cohen’s widow ,Sarah Wairimu,is the main suspect in the murder that DCI boss George Kinoti described as gruesome.

On Friday, Chege Kirundi and Company Advocates opened the will of late Cohen and Gabrielle is the main beneficiary of the late billionaire’s estate.

Gabrielle will inherit properties worth over Sh 400 million.

Late Cohen did not leave any property or cash to his wife Sarah Wairimu who is in police custody.

Now according to bloggers Robert Alai and Lord Abraham Mutai, Gabrielle should also be treated as a suspect in the murder which has shocked the world.

"Maybe the sister should also be considered a suspect. She is really rushing to get the burial done, inherit property and run away. Maybe she killed the bro. But that, DCI not considering because the boss is being huggy. Jokers!!!" Alai said.

Mutai said the fact that Gabrielle has inherited millions from Cohen should make detectives follow a new lead in their probe.

"The sister of Tob Cohen who turns out to be the greatest beneficiary of the Tob Cohen estate should be treated as a suspect. Suppose she arranged for the murder of Tob Cohen to inherit the estate? Why is the DCI not looking into all angles? Why stick to one narrative?" Mutai posed.


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  1. That's a great point. She could be the mastermind to inherit the wealth taking advantage of the fact that the couple was processing divorce

  2. Bull shit by a couple of keyboard for hire operatives.