Friday September 27, 2019 - Interior Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiang'i, was on Friday given special treatment by President Uhuru Kenyatta's Recce Squad when they danced for him in Nairobi.

Matiang’i had convened a meeting with top police bosses including Inspector General, Hillary Mutyambai, to unveil new measures that will streamline police services.

The Recce Squad performed an original composition song, with a blend of Swahili and Sheng' words to Matiang’i's satisfaction as the powerful boss could be seen smiling and appreciating.

During the event, the elite squad also exhibited exquisite dancing skills.

However, what shocked people is Matiang’i’s declaration that he is the number two fan of Kenya Police after President Uhuru Kenyatta; a move that could be seen problematic and offensive to Deputy President William Ruto, who has always considered himself second to the President.

"I am always uplifted and excited every time I see you dancing as I am your number two fan.”

“Kenyatta is always your number one fan," Matiang'i appreciated when he later spoke.
The CS also adored God before showering Kenyatta with praises.

"I thank God for an opportunity to serve this country and for what we have achieved in the security sector," Matiang'i stated.

He went on to detail how Kenyatta had transformed the police service.

"Since Kenyatta ascended to the presidency in 2013, budgetary allocations have increased thus raising capacity in our institutions.”

“We thank the President for this," Matiang'i appreciated. 

Recce Squad is a special force unit of the GSU.

Their headquarters are located in Ruiru.

They protect Very Important Personnel (VIP) and are trained in both hand combat and counter-terrorism.


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