A Nairobi based lawyer was on Saturday, June 22, caught on camera making out with a client in a lodging within the city. The two are said to have been in a love triangle which enraged the lawyer's family prompting the lawyer to divorce his wife. The matter which has been silenced by the lawyer’s followers has taken a toll after the wife of the lawyer threatened to move to court. A source who works at the lawyer’s firm, which is prominently known for winning cases in the courts, rubbished the incident saying his boss took an oath of confidentiality and could not invade client's privacy. He said according to the video camera, the lawyer and the client were both naked. 

According to sources known to the lawyer, the woman had been seeing him disguising as a client. They said his wife, who is a businesswoman in the city had been suspicious of her husband's movements and absence at night. “His wife has been complaining to us that it is like her husband has been sleeping with someone else or maybe he has another wife," she said. But his wife took a huge step of finding a solution to restore their otherwise blissful marriage. She said after inquiring from friends, she was referred to mugwenu docters who assured her the husband would return in no time. “Sikuamini kama mugwenu Doctors angenisaidia hivi vyote. Mume wangu alirudi mwenyewe nyumbani (I did not believe mugwenu Doctors would help me in suc a great waym currently my husband is back home," she said. The laweyer's wife said the video was recorded by another client who knew her very well.

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