Wednesday September 25, 2019-A vocal Jubilee Party legislator has said he regrets his decision to join politics, adding he will not contest or accept any nomination in 2022.

In an interview with K24 TV on Wednesday, nominated MP, David Sankok, disclosed that being an MP has taken a toll on him financially since he was nominated into the National Assembly in 2017.

“I was economically very comfortable before I became an MP and I have ever regretted becoming an MP. Trust me I will not go for a second term. The fastest way to become poor in Kenya is to become a politician," Sankok said.

He said political brokers make life hard for MPs because they request for handouts every day.

"There are several political brokers whose work is to wake up every morning and look for MPs wherever they are and especially someone like me who is branded, who can be seen from far and asked for money,"he said.

The first term also said social media makes things worse, with politicians "who do not give money or favours being criticised and insulted".

“Politics in Kenya is very hard. It is a very dirty game where everyone thinks you are their property. Personally, I’m not used to giving out free things. As a disabled person, I have struggled. I can’t just give out money freely,” he said.

The MP said after 2022 he will apply for the position at United Nations as a special adviser for persons with disabilities.

"I will probably go to the United Nations as a special adviser for issues to do with disability. I will contribute more there. I feel I have done enough,” he said


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