Monday, September 23, 2019- Renowned Kenyan economist and political strategist, David Ndii, has come to the defense the Consolata boy who was recorded hurling unprintable insults and threatening fellow pupils for calling him gay.

The video set off a storm on social media with Kenyans calling out the boy’s parents for raising a spoilt brat.

The outrage attracted the attention of the ministry of education and police officers with the latter launching an investigation into bullying claims at the school.

However, David Ndii, says there is nothing wrong with the boy mouthing profanities and lambasted Kenyans attacking the boy stating that he did worse things when he was the boy’s age.

Taking to twitter, Ndii wrote:

What is the big deal about a 13 year old mouthing profanities. At 13 we were in Form 2, smoking pot, drinking chang’aa, singing circumcision songs, devouring Mailu and speaking profanities you cannot believe. Wacheni ujinga.

Check out the post and reaction below.

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  1. Wrong bwana Ndii.... in your time, you used to send love notes by post, ran twenty miles in the dark to just kiss your love good night at the risk of being mauled by hungry hyenas; and you definitely never had a platform that transcends the globe instantly as the web does today. You were confined to your dorm or playground and that was where your influence reached. But today, i sneeze here in shags and some unschooled brat in Acapulco half a globe away thinks that is a cool thing and sneezes right back in a matter of seconds. Before you know it the whole world is sneezing like crazy... You must have come form the wrong part of town because where i grew up, try that shit, and you would be roasted alive literally. So mzee Ndii wacha ufala na kundanganya watu. Stick to economics, utuachie psychosiology